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Online Test Platform- Optimising Talent Anytime,Anywhere!!!

In an age of e-learning education systems, online testing platforms are in need of time to provide a rich learning experience. With the online test software, the institution can easily set up online exams and invite their users without limiting its physical reach. It gives a great opportunity for the students to excel in their skills with practice test series and enhance their performance to succeed in respective examinations.

The drawbacks of traditional exam patterns are their restricted reach and access, the management of multiple invigilators and halls, and the manual checking process of answer sheets, which delay the result processing system. Contrary to this online test software, it synchronizes tests for multiple users at the same time from a different location and generates instant results flawlessly.

Creating Opportunities Through Online Channels

In order to manage independent islands of information, Team Herosofts has developed integrated logistic ERP software that has cohesively woven all records together into a single dashboard and is presented to you as unified cloud-based software.

Herosoft-Online Test Platform

Herosoft developed an innovative and user-friendly online test platform for its clients to automate their examination process completely to match these expectations. We deliver innovative, user-friendly, and responsive software for all devices to conduct the online examination process seamlessly. Online exam software is ideal for coaching centers and institutes that want to conduct online tests to connect their users digitally.

Here, we facilitate the user with a login and registration facility to interact with the portal courses. The portal features both paid and free demo sessions. Admins can access users' data, set question papers, categorize various courses, and manage test reports through the database.

Module Key Features

Fits TO All Screens

Our online test software is built with a 100% responsive layout. Candidates can take the test via laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile device without any interruption. Also, the admin panel is optimized for all devices.

Fully Custimizable

The test patterns are fully customizable for users. They can select the subject or paper type of their choice, set timers to start or pause the test, analyze the performance by viewing correct answers, and be given an answer and the needed time for particular questions.

Management of Multiple User

Large number of candidates can access the test at the same time, either on the same location or at many different locations with random questions smoothly.