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Transport Management Logistics ERP Software

Logistics is a highly competitive industry that handles 90% of transportation and trade. Logistics operations are the backbone of the supply chain management system. Logistic operations mainly organize a process of planning, implementing, and controlling procedures for efficient and effective transportation and also manage related information from the point of origin to the point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements.

In the absence of a web presence, it is difficult to monitor data to meet prescribed standards. It gets more difficult to handle manually when a multi-modal transport network exists and you need to manage all key processes, like customer, vendor, and lorry owner details, records of lorry receipts, challans, invoices, and other important documents.

Manage All Logistics Operations With One Platform

In order to manage independent islands of information, Team Herosofts has developed integrated logistic ERP software that has cohesively woven all records together into a single dashboard and is presented to you as unified cloud-based software.

Our logistics software is a web-based tool that helps customers handle all key processes, like fetching a lorry request, generating a delivery challan, a lorry hire contract, and a payment request, at one single point. Also, it gives real-time visibility to multi-location orders and better financial control over multiple branches. The ERP software provides a seamless solution to maintain all the records and access the audit reports over a given period of time.

Herosoft Logistic ERP Modules Provides Numerous Benefits To It's Customer

  • Grows user roles and profiles within your organization.
  • Online synchronization for storage and smooth access to data with in all branches.
  • Introduces a new hierarchy structure or strengthens the existing one.
  • Strengthens the workflow and defines approval trees.

Functional Benefits

  • Easy and efficient integration between different modules.
  • Use of standards practices for industry.
  • Flawless or seamless integration

Technical Benefits

  • Real time data flow and ease of access.
  • Enables you to take decisions, convey them and then monitor them while on-the-go.
  • User specific multiple users with own dashboards.

ERP Modules For Transport Management System

  • State & City Management
  • City Code Management
  • Serial Code Management
  • Tax Management
  • Bank Mangaement
  • Agent Management
  • Client Management
  • Vendor Management